Monthly Subscription Lottery & Raffle with Direct Debit (UK)

The most simple and convenient Lottery fundraising solution for UK charities and third sector organisations.
Create your Society Lottery and start selling subscriptions in around 24 hours.

How does it work?

Bonobo’s bespoke Lottery platform allows you to create your own weekly or monthly Lottery, and then sell lottery subscriptions online, over the phone, or in person.

Players’ monthly Lottery subscriptions will automatically be billed to the customer through Direct Debit and the receipts will be automatically deposited into your bank account.


After every charity Lottery draw, the winners can be paid out manually, or via your bank using direct account transfers.

Our lottery platform is hosted securely and managed by you, via a simple and intuitive back office, putting you in full control of day-to-day management and marketing of your Direct Debit Lottery.

Here are the main components of the Direct Debit Subscription Lottery & Raffle solution:


Intuitive Lottery Management

Lottery site

Supporters can subscribe from any device

Retail Sales

Sell subscriptions via agents or volunteers

Direct Debit payments

Pre-integrated for payments

Lottery Games

Pre-configured Lottery games

Service & Support

Helping you through the process

Lottery Admin

Back Office

Using our suite of intuitive management tools, you’ll be able to run your Lottery online at a lower cost, with minimal personnel resources and no administrative headaches.

All the information you need, at your fingertips.

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Role-based access and permission models
  • Manage Lotteries with user friendly wizards
  • Manage Player Subscriptions
  • Manage and approve payouts
  • Manage Sales agents & Bonds
Manage your lottery
Direct Debit capable lottery

Direct Debit Payments

Your bespoke fundraising Lottery solution comes complete with Direct Debit payment processing built-in

All you need to do is set up an account with our pre-integrated Direct Debit payment processing partner.

Once you have your account ID, simply enter it in the back office and you are ready to accept payments for your charity lottery. It’s as simple as that!


A Branded Lottery Website

The Bonobo online lottery solution includes a branded site where players can subscribe to your Lottery from any device.

  • Pre-loaded with UK online lottery templates
  • Pre-integrated with Direct Debit payment processors
  • Can be skinned and customised with your unique branding
  • Fully HTML5 Responsive Site

A Complete Lottery Retail Solution

In your shops or door to door, on match day or at your fundraising event, our unique lottery retail technology complements your online presence.

With the retail Sales Agent app, you and your sales agents or volunteers can sell Lottery Subscriptions in person or over the phone.

Your sales team can range from just a handful of mobile lottery sellers to a nationwide network of sales agents.

  • Track agent activity LIVE in real time
  • Track commissions and payouts
  • Set agent Limits and Rules
  • Set agent Bond hold

Retail Hardware

Your retail hardware could be as simple as a smartphone, a PC and a printer, or the all-in-one POS.

Any Smartphone

Sell digital tickets without a printer

PC + Thermal Printer

Print tickets using your existing tools

All-in-one Lottery POS

Mobile. Print. Scan. Wifi/SIM.

Available Games

You can choose between two different types of game; Traditional Lottery or Prize Lottery (Raffle).

We offer a selection of ready to use, pre-configured Lottery templates.

You may use them as they are, or choose to customise your lottery (Fees apply) based on your custom requirements.


Traditional Raffle games allow you to offer any type of prize, such as a TV, iPad or car, as well as cash.


These are some of our ready to use, pre-configured Lottery templates.

You may use them as they are, or customize them.

Monthly Subscription Lottery Reference

Please see the following links for more information

UK Gambling Commission advice on running a Lottery

Direct Debit Solution Details

Direct Debit Lottery System Manual

Pre-configured UK Lottery Game Templates


Please access each application using the login/password provided.

Your Lottery web site

Players can easily sign up for  Lottery Subscriptions

Use or embed in your site

Players can login and manage subscriptions (Optional)

Available on all devices (Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS)

Stream your Lottery Draws LIVE!

Lottery web site

View Lottery site demo

Username:  markus237

Password: Tester11

Canvasser & Retail Sales

Turn any smart device into a sales terminal

Sell Subscriptions anywhere

Sell one-time tickets anywhere

Lottery agent app can run on any smart device

Easily manage commissions and payouts

Lottery Sales Agent

Tour the Lottery Agent App

Username:  agent2

Password: easyPass_1

Easy Management

Complete management at your fingertips

Real time dashboard

Manage Players (KYC/CDD)

Create online Lottery games in minutes

Manage Sales Agents in real time

View Reports & Statistics

Lottery Back office

Back-office App

Username:  ******

Password: *******

Contact Us for credentials.

Let everyone watch, LIVE!

Stream  your game for the crowd!

Stream Games Live

Stream it at home, a retail outlet, a bar or even at the Stadium!

Replay any game!

Make your games available for replay, at any time, by any one!


Stream Draws LIVE!

Stream Games Live

Replay any game!