Add LottoRace to your Casino

  • Boost retention with Daily LottoRace Tournaments
  • Increase play through with LottoRace Instant Games
  • Offer players Instant results & Guaranteed winners in each game
  • Benefit from easy integration & shared liquidity
  • Available on Mobile, Tablets, & Desktops
LottoRace on Mobile PC and Tablets

Run games on Desktops, Smartphones & Tablets

  • Enable users to play anytime, anywhere.
  • Increase participation via mobile notifications
  • Capitalize on viral opportunities

Add LottoRace Daily Tournaments

  • Keep players coming back with scheduled, reoccuring Tournaments.
  • Include your choice of existing LottoRace Tournaments and leverage the existing liquidity in the LottoRace network
  • Create your own custom games to achieve business objectives

Add LottoRace Instant Games

Increase play through by offering quick games, with instant results and guaranteed winners.

LottoRace Instant games start as soon as all bets have been placed.

Instant games feature, 2 line, 9 line, 27 line and 180 line games.

Liven it up with custom themes!

Spruce up your Lotto or LottoRace games with themes for each occasion.

Choose from a selection of themed balls, hoppers and backgrounds.

Customize your game with a completely different look with PokerRace, or SlotsRace!

Plug LottoRace into your casino

Benefit from Shared Liquidity

Together we can build large games with incredible jackpots for all of our players.

Join the network and watch it grow!

Easy Integration

Whether you are running a custom platform, or have licensed it from one of the leading providers, we can easily integrate with your platform.

Let our Techs get to talking!

LottoRace partner programs

Fair Partner Programs

With fair revenue share deals, your success and the happiness of your players will determine ours.

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