LottoRace Overview

LottoRace is a patented, player vs. player pool betting game, played in a Lottery theme. LottoRace was created by Bonobo PLC in 2009 and has since had over 2 Billion bets placed by over a million players.

The ability to customize odds for games, while ensuring guaranteed winners in each and every game, is what sets LottoRace apart from every other game.

The prize pool in a LottoRace game is the sum of all the buy-ins in the game, and the prize structure is similar to poker tournaments.

In a LottoRace game, each player starts by selecting a specific set of numbers for each bet. The objective of the game, is to match all your numbers before everyone else and win the biggest share of the prize pool.

The main difference between LottoRace and Lottery is that there is more than one draw in each game. The draws continue, indefinitely, until all guaranteed number of winners has been reached and all the prizes have bee paid out.

LottoRace games are available as part of the Online Lottery Platform.

A simple walkthrough

First, choose your game

The one for you

You can play scheduled Tournaments, or Instant games.

LottoRace Tournaments start at a specific time. For example, every 10 minutes or everyday.

LottoRace InstaPlay games start as soon as they are full.

The races vary based on number of bets allowed in each game, the odds of winning a prize (i.e. 1 in 3) and the buy-in for each bet.

Pick the one that's right for you!


Then pick your numbers!

It's too easy

You can pick your numbers one by one. Nice and slow ūüôā

You can use the Instabuy feature to place multiple random bets with just two clicks!

You can also choose from any of your favorite numbers which you saved before.


Now place your bets!

no cheddar, no sugar

Yes, you have to pay for your bet!

You can use your real money account, or pay with reward points if you've earned them!

You can also save your selection to your favorites for future use.


Watch the game live!

as real as it gets

Once the game starts, we're off to the races!

Sit back and watch the draws live.

Enjoy a play by play and track your opponents progress  by viewing the All Bets section. The rankings update after each draw, so you won’t miss a thing.


Match all your numbers

That's the lotto part

To win your share of prizes, match all the numbers in a given line. The more lines/bets you match, the more you win!.

Your winnings depend on how many players match their line first. Be the first to match all your number to win the largest share of the prize pool!

Watch the progress of your bets by viewing the "My Bets" section and you'll and see how many balls you've matched and how many to go to clinch a win.


Before everyone else does!

That's the race part

During the Race, you'll be able to keep tabs on the progress of other players.

After each draw, the results are updated and you can see who already won a prize, and who still needs a few numbers to get there.

You'll also be able to see the total prizes available for the game, and how much of it has already been won.


To win your share of the Prize Pool

Guaranteed winners, every time

Once you've matched all the numbers in a line, you'll win a prize.

Keep in mind that you can win on any, or all of the lines you bet on.

The draws continue until all the prizes have been paid out.


Before the game is over!

and all the prizes are gone

Once all the prizes are won, the game is OVER!

Good Luck!