Lottery Platform for Operators & Lottery Managers

Build and deploy your bespoke online Lottery with Bonobo’s turnkey Lottery Platform that includes a branded Lottery website, a full library of customizable lottery games, and the means to sell tickets online or offline, via retail stores and agents.

How does it work?

The Lottery platform is hosted and managed by Bonobo, leaving you to focus on marketing and engaging with your Lottery players.

Here are the main components of the Bonobo Lottery Operator solution:


Intuitive Lottery Management

Lottery site

You can play from any device

Retail Sales

Sell tickets face to face

Third Party Payment Integration

Add processor via API (Fees apply)

Lottery Games

Lottery, Raffles and LottoRace

Service & Support

We're here to help make your Lottery work

Lottery Admin

Back Office

Using our suite of bespoke Lottery management tools, you’ll be able to run your Lottery at a lower cost with no administrative headaches.

All the information you need, at your fingertips.

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Role-based access and permission models
  • Create games with user friendly wizards
  • Manage Players with 360° view
  • Manage and approve payouts
  • Manage Sales agents
Manage your lottery

A branded Lottery web site

Your solution includes a branded online Lottery site where players can register and play from any device.

  • Available on any device (Fully HTML5 Responsive)
  • Can be skinned and branded
  • Player can register, deposit and play
  • Can integrate any payment processor via API
  • Can support one off purchases or subscriptions
Customizable Lottery website

A Complete Lottery Retail Solution

At the store or door to door, on match day or at an event, the lottery retail experience complements your online presence.

With the retail lottery app, you and your sales agents can sell tickets to your Lottery in person or over the phone.

Your sales team can range from just a handful of mobile lottery sellers to a nationwide network of retail agents.

  • Track agent activity LIVE
  • Track commissions and payouts
  • Set agent Limits & Rules

Retail Hardware

Your retail hardware could be as simple as a smartphone, a PC and a printer, or the all-in-one POS.

Any Smartphone

Sell digital tickets without a printer

PC + Thermal Printer

Print tickets using your existing tools

All-in-one Lottery POS

Mobile. Print. Scan. Wifi/SIM.

Multi-Channel Lottery Sales

A multi-channel strategy to help you service the 3 basic types of customers:

Online Player

Plays, Deposits & Withdraws online

Self-service for the tech-savvy customer that has access to a smartphone and electronic payments

Retail Player

Plays, Deposits & Withdraws online

Customers who purchase printed Lottery tickets at retail locations.

Hybrid Lottery Player

Tops up account through Lottery Agents, plays online

This customer enjoys the online lottery experience, but only deposits and withdraws through remote lottery agents.

Payment Processing for your Lottery

You can use different payment methods to handle Online Payments, Retail Payments, and Telesales Payments.

Sell Lottery tickets online and accept payments

Online Payments

In order for you to accept online payments, we can integrate your internet merchant payment gateway into your platform upon request.
This can include Visa or Mastercard payment processors, or payment integrators such as PayStack, Adyen or your local payment partner.


Retail Payments

Lottery Sales Agents can operate independently and accept payments through cash or payment terminals already present at their retail locations.

The Sales Agent app automatically handles all tracking of the sales, prize payouts and commissions due to/from your retail lottery Sales Agents automatically.

This lets you know the net amount payable by sales agents to you at any time. Each lottery agent can then forward their sales receipts as appropriate, thereby completing the cycle.

Lottery Game Options

You can use any of the games available in our Games Library, provided that this is permitted by local laws and regulations.

Games can be customized with your branding, currency and payout tables to best suit your players’ demographic and volumes.


Traditional and Power Ball Lottery

Lottery games library


Cash and Prize Raffles


Pool Bets with Progressive Jackpot

Lottery Software Reference

Please see the following links for more information

Lotto Wiki Home

Creating & Managing Lottery Games

Managing Lottery Sales Agents

How to Sell Tickets (As a Sales Agent)


Please access each application using the login/password provided.

Back-office Demo

Complete management at your fingertips

Real time dashboard

Manage Players (KYC/CDD)

Create Lottery games with a few clicks

Manage Sales Agents in real time

View Reports & Statistics

Lottery Back office

Back-office App

Username:  ******

Password: *******

Contact Us for credentials.

Retail Sales Agent app Demo

Turn any smart device into a Lottery sales terminal

Agent can sell Lottery Tickets anywhere

Sell printed tickets

Sell digital tickets

Check tickets & Pay prizes

Lottery Sales Agent

Lottery Sales Agent App

Username:  agent1

Password: easyPass_1

Your Lottery web site demo

Players can purchase Lottery tickets online

Use or embed in your site

Players can log in, deposit, play and withdraw

Available on all devices (Android/iOS/Windows)

Stream your Lottery Draws LIVE!

Lottery web site

Lottery Site

Username:  markus236

Password: Tester11

LIVE Streaming demo

Stream  your game for the crowd!

Stream Games Live

Stream it at home, a retail outlet, a bar or even at the Stadium!

Replay any game!

Make your games available for replay, at any time, by any one!


Stream Draws LIVE!

Stream Games Live

Replay any game!