Deployment options for the Bonobo Online Lottery Platform

The Bonobo Online Lottery Platform can be deployed in various ways to meet the Lottery needs of any charity or organisation.

Whether you are a Lottery or Casino operator, a software provider or a charity looking for fundraising lottery solutions we have got the right set of tools for you.

Integration Options

Integrated via API

Integrate any of the LottoRace games via API into your own gaming and player account management system.

Complete Web Site

A complete fully functional gaming system including player registration, cashier and KYC management tools.

Network Options

Standalone Mode

A private site exclusively for your players and your custom games.

Networked with shared Lottery games

Create and share games under different sites and different brands.

Multi-Channel Sales Strategy for your Lottery

Our multi-channel strategy is designed to help you service the three basic types of customer, and make a common set of games available for purchase across all three demographics.

  • Self-service for the tech savvy customer that has access to a smartphone and electronic payments.
  • Physical ticket purchases at retail locations for traditional customers.
  • Mobile Sales Agent lottery app to enable physical purchases or account topups in remote locations.

Web & Mobile

Make ticket sales available online accessible on any smartphone, desktop  or tablet.

Our responsive and adaptive HTML5 interface lets your players login and play from any device.

Perfect for: Players with smartphones and access to electronic payment methods.

Retail POS

Make physical ticket purchases available through retail outlets.

Perfect for: Players who prefer physical tickets or don’t have access to smartphones and electronic payments.

Mobile Agents and sellers

Extend your online Lottery network into the community with mobile agents, equipped with simply a tablet and a mobile printer.

Perfect for: Mobile sales teams servicing door to door Lottery sales or in-venue sales